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catnip vs bleach

Kind of a strange question. Does anyone else have cats who respond to the smell of bleach like it is catnip? I have a  couple (related) who go nuts when they smell bleach. I use bleach to clean and have to be sure they are shut away until everything is dry!

Same here - all my cats have been over the years too.... although i am so very careful using it for that reason - i always shut them away and rinse rinse rinse really well after using it...

Here is something similar although not related - do any of your furkids go mad at the smell of an emery board?????   levi is a cleptomanic where they are concerned - have lost loads if i don't put them away - he rubs his face all over them and then runs off with it to hide. jake rubs his head on them too as did Dessi and Holly - Toby doesn't bother but he is the only one. also foot files - they have a much stronger reaction too  :lol  :lol  :lol

If I open up my bleach, Bluie lets out a yowl, gives me a glare and off under the bed.. she hates it,

I'm not sure about Annie but Bart loves the smell of bleach.  I bought a cleaner (ZeroOdor Pet) that was supposed to leave no odor when you used it to clean up hairballs and such but every time I sprayed it, Bart would  go crazy over the smell.  It did leave a bleachy smell when it was wet so I had to keep Bart away until it was dry.

I never really noticed this, will try to keep an eye out next time the bottle comes out

I'm not really sure about bleach, but emery boards are a big winner here.

Mine will roll on the tile floor after so I have to make sure it is dry before they get around it.

No, but I hate the smell, so I use it as little as possible.  I will take video of them the next time I use it.  My cats don't like any chemical smell that I know of.

Mine go wild when they smell bleach, I use it to clean their litterboxes, and I swear they practically line up to "go" when I cleaned their boxes (which in fact I did today) :big grin
And I have dried catnip which is fun too for them, they love it as much as the bleachsmell
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