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Do you clean your cat's ears?

I just cleaned Alexus' ears and wondered how often all of you clean your cat's ears. Here is an article on cleaning your cat's ears too.

Just like humans, cats need their ears cleaned. This article will describe the importance of cleaning a cat's ears and how to do it. You should always talk to your veterinarian and have him/her show you the proper way if this is your first time.

It is important to clean catís ears for several reasons. A catís ears generate the normal wax buildup. This wax buildup, if left too long, can cause problems, some of which are temporary hearing loss, discomfort and odor.

If a catís ears are left unclean for a substantial amount of time, the wax can accumulate and cause temporary hearing loss. If this occurs, itís best to make an appointment with your veterinarian for an ear cleaning. Neglecting a catís ears can also result in the cat experiencing discomfort. Some signs your catís ears are bothering him/her.

1. Shaking the head

2. Scratching the ears

3. Pawing at the ears

These discomforts are easily taken care of by cleaning the ears. Waxy buildup also produces an odor if left for to long, which is also taken care of by cleaning.

Another reason you should clean your catís ears is to check for ear mites. An ear mite is a tiny, microscopic parasite that lives within a catís ear. Although not as damaging as most parasites, they are a nuisance, very contagious, can be detrimental to a cats health if left untreated for a long time, and easy to treat and get rid of. While cleaning a cats ears, if you notice a substance that looks like coffee grounds you might want to make an appointment with your veterinarian for an ear cleaning.

The most difficult part of cleaning your catís ears is keeping him still. The best way to clean catís ears is to take a gauze pad, wet it with warm water, wrap the gauze pad around the tip of your finger, and swipe the catís ears until it comes clean. If you donít have any gauze pads available to you, you can use Q-tips. A catís ear canal makes a 90-degree turn. Insert the Q-tip into the catís ear and gently swab the ears until clean.

If this is your first time, remember to always speak to your veterinarian and ask him/her to show you the proper way to clean your catís ears.

I agree that cleaning the ears is very important, but I would hesitate to use q-tips. It is to easy to puncture the ear drum. I always use gauze pads, make up pads or even a wash cloth.

Joane I clean them every 1-2 months depending on who it is.  I use an ear cleaner that I purchased from the hospital since Allie is subjected to yeast infections.

Great information Joanie and thank you for sharing...I have never cleaned either of my cats ears...I thnk they do it when they go to the groomers, but heck, I never even look at them!!   :shocked   I know the vet checks them for earmites or have sometime in the I feel like a rottenmom - my cats ars have never been cleaned by me, but I will surely do them now!  Thanks for the great tip and how to do it, etc.  Lanie

I did not use a q-tip either and I guess that's why the article said to have your Vet show you how to clean the ear if you have never done so before.  

I rarely have to clean ears but I will say, Alexus was a doll about being still and letting me clean hers. I then brushed her teeth~! I just love my little girl so much :)

Thank you Joane.
I clean my cats ears. I use make up remover pads.
I rarely need to do them, although Rupert does need to have his cleaned more often than the other three cats.

JoaneWing wrote:
I did not use a q-tip either and I guess that's why the article said to have your Vet show you how to clean the ear if you have never done so before.

Joane I was afraid of doing this until the hospital taught me how.  Q-tips are not a bad thing when it comes to cleaning cat's ears.  The ear canal takes an "L" shape and this is the reason why.  I still do not have the courage they do. :lol

We humans need to be careful since we may push the wax further in.  I remember my Mom getting totally blocked around Christmas time.  Off to the ear doctor to unblock them. :smile

I have never cleaned Bart's ears.  :red face   He's had them cleaned at the vets, though, and his ears are usually pretty clean.  Annie is another story.  Her ears get really dirty and I try to clean them usuing a makeup remover pad with the ear cleaning solution I got from the vet.  I have to put her on a towel when I do this because she drools and shakes when I clean them.  Then she gets a face washing, too.  :razz
Kally Kat

Yes, I do!

Hello Kat furriends,  :kitty

Yes, I do check Kally Kat's ears weekly when she gets her day of speshil grooming! So, far so good! I usually use a soft ear cleaning pad to gently wipe away any excess wax or just plain ole kitty ear stuff.

Never had any ear mites with Kally Kat, but my other two girls had them. Our Vets gave me some eardrops for the mites & it clearled them up quite well.

Thanks Joane for sharing with us all about this information.  :smile

Muzik to my earz ♫ ♫

Kally Kat & her Personal Groomer Mz Liz  :blue kitty

You are most welcome!

Hi! I clean Sherman's ears but I dont know what I am doing.  Thanks for the info.  Now, I am gonna try the Q tips.  :little angel  Linda Forum Index -> Cat Health, Pet Grooming And Diet
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