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Article of T foeteous
T.F. in felines
Savannah Rose
housecleaning that is not harmful to cats
loss of hair
How to clean your cats' eyes
How to stop a cat from scratching your furniture etc.
Signs of pain in your cat
New comb
Omega 3
bone broth
cat pooping in bathtub
Homemade cleaner
Fancy Feast
Cat food Recalls
A vet visit for Darcy
I am pulling my hair out!
How do you bathe your difficult cats, especially longhairs?
Loki, bad news
Pet food.....interesting article
Worried about the little guy
Charlie's urinary problems
Annie update-not so good news
is there?
T/D cat food
Still having problems--Georgie
Charlie vomiting
emergency doc?
Need some prayers for Annie
on my soapbox
Report on Dakota
Tear Stains
We have had some times!
polycystic liver disease PLD - doctors
Grooming help
More pet food news
Lily has an URI - again
Tear Stains
Dakks is doing ok!
eye issues
Mimi had an accident
Feeding adults vs kitten
Bottomless pits
Recall - Bravo Fod
Sparky Update
Information on Remend
How can I manage PKD in my persian cat?
Sparky Update
Send good thought for Sparky
Dakks and his Soft Poo!
Cat Treats made in America
Hand soap warning
Snowflake starting to get finicky towards wet food
Boo and stomatitis
Annie's dental
Dakota is back home!
Constipation in cats
Dakota needs some good thoughts today
Another recall
New food
Mars is buying Iams, Eukanuba and Nutura foods
Saw this on another list
Cat food ratings
wet vs dry food
IBD (Irritable bowel disease)
Neutering advice please
Opinion on this raw diet
Hair Growth in Cats
Thoughts on Dry Cat Food
Mixing Dry and Wet Foods
Hyperthyroidism in cats
The Importance of Isolating New Cats
a tip
Feline Idiopathic Cystitis
Dry Eyes
Flea treatments
Know your cat's vital signs!
Has anyone tried
Dealing with Skin Problems
Force Feeding Cats
Claw care tips?
Mat Splitter
just comparing Camie and Jack
BE Careful
Cerenia for cat vomiting
Cat introductions
Merck Manual Online
litter eating cat
Need financial help with Vet bills?
Dakks poor little tummy
Has anyone noticed eye issues----
Loki and Maggie
FIP and the Winn Study
Interferon and FIP
Vaccinations--how often?
FIP article by Dr. Pedersen of UD Davis
FIP---a happy ending.
Vet Books
It amazes me
I don't think so...........
Cystitis and Cranberries
Update on Mr. Boo and his Polycystic Kidney Disease + photos
Polycystic Kidney Disease in cats
How is Bertie doing Linda?
Old remedy
Stop cats from clawing?
Arginine supplementation
Fleas -- Growth Inhibitors
Cat not pooping.
Calico cats
My Hickory isn't eating!
ill cat only eats royal canin pv (venison) Updated: 10/14
Back to the vet
Really Raw Raw Food
Another recall
Fragrance and Essential Oils
Stud Tail in Girls
Raw pet food guidelines
Perio disease transmitted
Tomato-Face is Gone!!!
Need Grooming Advice...
Poppy update - I am red faced!
More on FIP
Spayed at 13 weeks
Vet Visit Rupert
Cat fighting both cancer, cholangiohepatitis
Keep Sparky in your thoughts today
Good Information
FIP Discovery
For anyone living in the affected areas
Blue Buffalo Duck Formula
Oral Surgery and Blindness
Sculpting a persian
Thinning Shears
Bad News on Bertie
Wendy's Teeth
Ketamine as an Anesthesia
Raw Food
Fish for cats...
Interesting food article
Book Recommendations
My Views on Using L-Lysine
Chin Crud vs. Feline Acne
Ragdoll losing his fur around his neck
What flea product do you use?
Sparky/ Hyperthyroidism
More recalls
Thoughts on Food Recalls
Top 10 cat illnesses
Food recall
My new comb
Advice for someone new to PKD
Recall info
Some may be interested
poor Maggie
Expired cat food!
Oh Jack!
a warning for dog and cat owners
Will be worried
Non-scratch Furniture
Dr Lyons update---to continue PKD research
Dakota's Update
Liver cysts. Need help or sugguestions
Harmful foods...
A friend needs some prayers
high fiber cat food
Jesse Blue to the Vet
Bart Update
Dakota is home!
Dakks off to the vet today....
Tobys vet visit
Bathed 4 cats 3 times today
Bart to the Vet
Boo and the kittens
corneal ulcer
Sparky Update
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