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Cat Adoptions and Rescues
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FooMan's Traveling
FooMan is Packing!
5 Days Left for Operation FooMan
Operation Foo Man
California - Silver Tabby and Red Adult Male Persian Cats
Abandoned cat in Missouri needs home now!
Persian in Pa.
Baltimore, Md
Silver Persian cats in need in Canada....
Persian needs help in Kansas
Need Advice on Finding a Home for a Cat
This is SO SAD....
2 cats need a home in Baltimore, MD
Persian Rescue in Maryland
Know someone looking for a cat?
Persian Rescue
Two cats in Baltimore, MD need homes!
Sad baby....
NOT recsue cats but adoptable available adult Persians-MI
Persian Cats Adults For Adoption Michigan - Urgent!
I will never understand
Kittens with rabies---be careful
Wonderful story---please read
Not a cat,but needs help
Beautiful Little Persian - Must Read
So Sad
Check for Beautiful Persians, Himalayans
Ragdoll - Oregon - Needs Adoption or Sponsor
Dilute Calico in San Pedro SPCA! ADOPTED
3 Month Old White Kitten Westminster, MD Area - Adopted!
Petition To Stop Closure
Cat Rescue of Maryland - ADOPTED!!
Shelter Needs Food
Silver Persians and Himalayans - Beautiful!
Petsmart cutie
Unbelievable - Very Sad But Good Organization - ADOPTED
Beautiful Black Persian - Red Hook NY - ADOPTED
Beautiful Persian - Staten Island NY - ADOPTED
Wow What a Beauty - Napanee ON - adopted
What a wonderful shelter for taking care of me - ADOPTED
White Persian - Highland IL - CHUMPS IS ADOPTED! YEAH!
Persian - Dayton OH - ADOPTED
Hundreds of Persians and Himalayans on
Red Persian - Atlanta GA- ADOPTED
Persians - Atlanta GA = adopted
Poor Baby - Georgia - ADOPTED!!
Tortie Persian - Naples FL - ADOPTED!
Persian - Tampa Tinker is Pretty!
Himalayan - Texas - (Yes, they're all beautiful)
Himalayan - Kentucky - ADOPTED
Gorgeous Himalayan - ADOPTED - I DIDN'T LAST LONG
Beautiful Himalayan - Georgia - ADOPTED
Beautiful Himalayan - Florida = ADOPTED - all adopted!
Pls Vote-Give ASPCA $250,000 Pepsi Grant - Still On
This is disgusting.......
Every hour.........
Little Bert Needs Help-His Teeth Hurt--ADOPTED!!!
Genevieve, with a sad story needs a home* ADOPTED*
Blue And White Bi-Color Persian For Adoption San Antonio, TX
Beautiful White Persian For Adoption - Lansing MI Shelter
Beautiful! Tortie Persian For Adoption - Juneau WI Shelter
Pretty little shy persian sweetie - Saginaw MI shelter
White Persian Cat - NY New Roch (ADOPTED)
Cute - Closter NJ - White Persian - Copper Eyes
Red Persians - Melbourne FL - (ALL ADOPTED)
Sweet Little Cream Persian - NJ - ADOPTED!
Silver and Calico Persians at shelter - NJ - ADOPTED!
Persian/Himalayan - Ottawa ON - ADOPTED!
Five Persians at Shelter - Lahaska PA - ALL ADOPTED!!!!
Beautiful Black Persian - Owner Passed - Germantown MD
White/flame pt - Hamilton OH - ADOPTED!
Cream Point Himalayan Blue Eyes - Shelter - IL - ADOPTED!
Abandoned White Persian - Mason MI - ADOPTED!
Beautiful Himalayan NeedsAdoption - FL -- ADOPTED!!
Beautiful Silver Persians and Himalayans - Frankenmuth MI
CO anyone? This cage is too small - ADOPTED! Thank you!
Little White Persian - Joplin MO - ADOPTED! - NJ - ADOPTED! - New Jersey
Petfinder.Com - Many Beautiful Persians and Himalayans
Sweet Little Persian-Shy in Shelter-notmuchtime-ADOPTED!!
Beautiful White Persian - Florida - ADOPTED THANK YOU!
Beautiful Silver Persian/Green Eyes - ADOPTED! THANK YOU!
Sweet White Persian-Blind - Surrey BC-needs assist
Beautiful Dark Tortie Persian - Needs Sponsor/Adoption
Sweet Little Cream Persian - Calgary, BC -ADOPTED!
Beautiful Silver Persian/Turquoise Eyes - TX - ADOPTED!
Beautiful White Persian Mushi - Florida - ADOPTED!!
Names of persons who should never be allowed to adopt
Male Cream Persian at Shelter-not much time left-ADOPTED!!
Cream Persian Male Cat For Adoption - Piscataway, NJ
Black Persian Female Kitten For Adoption
White Female Persian Cat For Adoption
Animal rescues deserve so much credit
2 Black & White cats needing a loving home
Warwick Animal Shelter Help Needed - RI
19 year old cat
Abandoned Himalayan Cats and Kittens Need Help [3.28.2010]
Seniors for Seniors - Cat Adoption Program - Maryland
Just Trapped a Semi Feral Cat...what to do???
Save A Cat...
Fee Waivers Boost Cat Adoptions
From another list
Adopt-A-Pet [Pet Project - Grand Ridge, IL]
Black Persian, Mushi, in Yuba City SPCA, CA needs rescuing
Urgent Cat Rescue - North Central Shelter - Los Angeles, CA
German Shepherd Rescue Group Closing - Ennis, TX
Free Kibble To Animal Shelters To Feed Their Hungry Cats!
Adopt-A-Cat SPCA (Virginia Beach) - Saturday, August 15th
Cat Adoptions And Rescue Stories Rally
How healthy are rescue cats? UPDATE
Help Save Cats!
one cold Indiana night turned into a massive cat rescue!
I got a kitten - a rescue!!!
White Persian Cat Available-Rescue located In N. California
The Cat House On The Kings - No Kill Sanctuary - CA (US)
Chapelhouse Persian & Pedigree Cat Rescue - Location: UK
Pet Rescue By Judy - Florida
How can I tell if the Rescuer or Breeder is reputable?
Cat Rescue - Maryland, Baltimore
Specialty Purebreed Cat Rescue - Covering WI - IL - IN
Siamese Cat Rescue Central
Maryland Persian Rescue
Paws Of Gold Feline Rescue - Northeastern USA
Maine Coon Rescue
Blue Persian boy needs home
Cat Rescue
Oreo Needs A Forever Home (Location: CO)
Shadow Needs A Forever Home (Location: CO)
Buddy Needs A Forever Home (Location: RI)
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