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Very sad....
CFA Breed/Color designations chart.....
Good Cat Breeders
Pet Lemon Laws
It's quite upsetting......
At about 3AM
USGF magazine
our first show since Dixieland
More Dixieland results
Persian cats
Show flyer
United Silver and Golden Quarterly
CFA Scoring
Jack and the Grand of Distinction title
Quarantine rules
Beware of the NCFA!
Keep your fingers crossed
Wish us luck
Persian cats---interesting article
Link to professional photos of the BOB awards at Dixieland
Jacks final report from North Carolina
a quick note
Explanation of Ribbons
List of CFA World show winners
North Carolina here I come!
Very Poor Sportsmanship
USGF quarterly
Photos from a cat show in1952
Golden question
Persian standards CFA
A little more bragging on Jack
NO cat?
Dixieland Silver and Golden Fanciers
trying to help some friends of mine
A small brag on Jack and Camie
Congratulations to Tracy and Hannah
Check this out
Dixieland Silver and Golden Fanciers
Jack granded
I did it!
I have to stay strong!!!!
nose shaving
TICA show?
Jacks return to the show ring
Exotic himi
Finally an answer!
Interesting article
Looking for Savannah breeder
Dixieland Cat Show
I just saw.......
Entered tha babies
Sunday fun
Golden question
She is REALLY mine :)
Average age?
If I live to retire.............LOL!
Bravo to our own Tracy and Lynda!
And another thing......
I am NOT happy!
Cat show 8/13/2011
What a joy...
Updated Website
Egyptian Mau
York, Pa in May
Annual Petco cat show this weekend
my show results
Dixieland Show
How to Show a Cat
CAT SHOW--Baltimore!
Site for show schedules
Cat show!
Krista---Please respond about your Burmilla
have to make a decision
Largest domestic cat
Bye-Bye Sols photo
Catizen Burmese Cattery - Missing Kitten - 10/16/2010
Timonium, MD cat show on Saturday
Why buy a Pedigree cat?
Facebook Review Option
Persian Exotics
Cat Show
Exciting news about the Dixieland show!
Our newest baby
Silver Boy Available
Congratulations Tracy!!
silver/golden/chinnie litters
United Silver and Golden Fanciers Magazine
fun new past time
cat show in CFF
CFA Question
show cage
New Golden Grand!
Question for the Pros!
Persian Cats Calendar - 2010
Silver question
USGF Magazines
Next cat show in my area
How the Himalayan got its name
CFA Cat Show---Parkville, MD
Congratulations Bronzie!
Good luck Jefferson!
Check list on how to buy a cat--help!!!
Book on Showing
Jefferson Show
Dixieland Silver and Gold Show 2009
Ever owned a nasty persian?
CFA Question
Update on my baby boy
Did Unity Break The Scale?
Allie's New Water Foundation
Josh's Seal Of Approval
The Charmed Ones kick booty at cat show... Pandora amazes!!!
Groton, Ct show
Mansfield Ma. show
Link to Cat Breeds
I was very proud of my persians yesterday
CFA CAT SHOW--Timonium, MD anyone? UPDATE!!!
New Kitty
Why do you buy pedigree cats?
Simbakui's Cane/My Baby Bear ( Show photo)
SimbaKui's Cane/ My Baby Bear New Collage
Meet Simbakui's Unity...
Retired Grand Champion Silver Girl Available to Great Home
Show Curtains - For Sale
Silver Girl pics
Piper turned 4 on Memorial Day
Which expression do you like best? Part II.
Why the extreme face?
Parkville, MD show. Anyone going?
Update pic of silver boy
How are my Charmed ones doing these days?
Cattery computer program
Picture of Silver Girl
Zofia's's amazing!
Persians and Himalayans
Another Persian question.
Golden pictures
Posting for Julie: Purvette lost her battle today :(
Which look do you like better?
York, PA show
Update pics...
Have You Ever Seen Such A Sad Face!!!!
CFA Persian Standards
Juliana Marie is home and settling in well.
New Babies
Selecting A Persian Cat Breeder...
Phoebe's amazing kill and orphan kitties update
International Cat Association Cat Show Photos - [3-14-2009]
Take A Peek...
Phoebe's 5th birthday
Eeny, Meany, Miney, and Moe
The Charmed Ones met Buffy the vampire slayer!!
New drug for HCM
cats' sense of smell
North Shore Animal League America
I think my girls really may be the Charmed Ones!!!
Himi nail trimming time
Alpha Persian?
I Just Saw A Google Ad...
I can't help it... I want to help her
A healthy pet has a healthy coat
The girls have completely recovered!!
Poor little declawed cats
Thanks to Celeste and Cat
From out of the tragedy of FIRE...a new kitten
Persian Cats - Discussion On Face Types
Who greets you at the door?
Shaded cats
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Himis are a one person cat?
Like Mother -- Like Son
Is this your Himi? NOT mine!
Color = disposition?
Is this not the cutest or what?
coat texture
Does This Mean Everyone...
The cable man wanted Alexus!!!!
Cutting out knots
A Big Happy Birthday To Darcy (Dec 31th)
Good Golly It's Miss Mollie Again...
Josh & Allie (Christmas Eve '08)
How Much Is That Kitty In The Window?
Updated Photos Of Mollie
Was Justice Served?
I found out...
My Recipe Contribution For The Holiday Season!
A Tribute To Buddy's Page
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