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Teeth grinding

I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that Stella seems be be grinding her teeth while she is eating. After she is done chewing the food, her mouth is still going through the motions and it sounds like her teeth are grinding.  :shocked  It sends chills up my spine every time she does this and she doesn't do it every bite.
I tried to look into her mouth when she's doing this and it looks like it might be the front long tooth grinding with the bottom one (like where they pass eachother on the side) but I am not 100% sure as she gets annoyed when I try to look. Has anyone else experienced this...? Its so strange. I am not sure if this is just a habit she has gotten into or if cats can have jaw problems like TMJ or something.

I believe it could be a dental problem but also could be dehydration. I remember reading this a while ago.

Fancie does this but I think she is teething since she is a kitten. I sure hope Stella is doing well today Jessie.

Thanks Joane! Did you read this in a cat magazine? Hmmmm I guess she could be dehydrated with the kidney disease and the fact we had to cut back on her fluids. I think I will do some google searches.

Stella has been doing really good for a couple weeks now. I think the key is that she has been on a good run with eating cat food again. I pray that it wl continue.

I read so much and can't remember where I heard grinding may be related to dehydration. I am so happy that Stella is having a good run Jessie!

I am so glad to hear that Stella is doing well these past few weeks.  I have never heard of this condition either and sounds rather strange.  Please let us know what you discover about this.  Sending prayers  Stella's way.

Sending purrs and purrayers to Stella.  I'm glad she's been eating and feels well.

Teeth grinding in cats is not uncommon. Some grind their teeth in the same action as they would to get their mother's sometimes the kneading is still repeated even though they have grown to adulthood...

Pleased to hear Stella is doing well.
Jessie, I remember when my Henrietta had renal failure she at times did grind her teeth, I vaguely remember it being mentioned it could be due to dehydration or acidity.
It would be worth a mention to  your vet

Yes Sheryl, acidity also comes to mind as a possible reason.

JoaneWing wrote:
Yes Sheryl, acidity also comes to mind as a possible reason.

I just want you to know that I have been thinking of both of you.  I'm pleased to read Stella continues to do well.  Jessie give her the slippery elm again.  It is definitely due to acidity.

Thanks Celeste! I will give that a try.

Never seen this in a cat - but it is something i will watch out for with Toby.. thanks for bringing it up and I am so happy Stella is doing well.. she sure is an inspiration :heart Forum Index -> Cat Health, Pet Grooming And Diet
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